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Thorpe pumping station and water pressure update

Thorpe pumping station and water pressure update

This is the latest information we have received from Anglian Water regarding The Thorpe pumping station and water pressure in the area:

"In regards to the failed rising main at the pumping station, our teams have now set up an overground pipe to take flows, so we have been able to stand down our tankering operations – I hope this provides some peace to residents. This overground pipe will remain in place over Christmas, to reduce disruption across the Christmas period, we carry out the full repair in the New Year. I will endeavour to keep you updated as our works progress.

I am sorry to hear that a verge next to a customer's property maintained some damage during our works, but this has been escalated to our re-instatement team and will be restored in the next few weeks. We have also been made aware of some possible road deterioration due to tanker movements, once our works are complete we will review this.

As you mentioned, we are having some issues with water supply in the area. When the temperature rises quickly after a cold snap, pipes that had contracted due to sub-zero temperatures rapidly expand, which means they're more likely to crack and cause leaks. We are currently investigating what the issue is with supply in the area, but as it stands we don't know anyone to be off water, but perhaps receiving lower than normal water pressure. We're really sorry if this is affecting any customers. You can keep updated on this issue by visiting our In Your Area page. For your reference, the job number for this investigation and works is 61708199 – should anyone need to give us a call about this issue, they can quote this number.

As I say, our teams are working hard to reduce disruption to residents, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused."

The temporary pumping unit is noticeably noisier but but does reduce at night when the load is lower but this also depends on the level of household use and rainfall.

Posted: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 14:07 by Kim Loader

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