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The Wild Lives Collective

The Wild Lives Collective

"Its amazing what you can find, when you get a bunch of folks together to do some wildlife monitoring. On Sunday the Wild Lives Collective - Hemingford Grey, carried out a wildflower survey on the Yes Development, to see what species have popped up in the unmown areas around the houses. And what a list we generated... Poppies, Rough Chervil, White clover, Cut-leaved geranium, Chamomile, Teasel, Ragwort, Hawkbits, Weld, Common mallow, Ribwort plantain, Bladder campion ,Yarrow, Field bindweed, Dandelion... all because of a conscious decision to let nature do its thing! But not only that, we found beetles, and spiders, and bumble bees, and butterflies AND a particularly stunning female Ghost Moth, that spent a few minutes happily sat on one of our younger team members (see Facebook post https://www.facebook.com/FieldfareWildlife). Its so fabulous to find all of this thriving in a residential area, and just shows what we can bring directly into our neighbourhoods, by leaving some space aside for nature. Can you tell I am buzzing? The Wild Lives Collective will be back at the Yes Development on Thu 11th August, 10.30 - 12.30, to install bug hotels and carry out a bug hunt. All are welcome. ~~~ The Wild Lives Collective is a community project, funded by Hemingford Grey Parish Council, to deliver wildlife related workshops across the village. We are working to get local residents involved in installing wildlife friendly features across the Parish, monitor the wildlife we have living in the neighbourhood, and build stronger connections within the community. Visit www.fieldfarewildlife.co.uk/wild-lives-collective for more information.".

Posted: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 12:40 by Kim Loader

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