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High Street Sewer Repairs - Latest Update 04/02/22

High Street Sewer Repairs - Latest Update 04/02/22

Anglian Water have today provided the following update to sewer repairs in Hemingford Grey, Friday, 4th February 2022.

Happy Friday and another update from the team at Anglian Water:

I've had word from the team today who have confirmed what I suspected, that this is and continues to be a very dynamic site. We are delighted to have completed the 100m of relining which all went perfectly and will help to mitigate the risk of flooding in Hemingford Grey. Whilst we have been on site, we have been completing additional surveys of another 100m of pipe which goes towards the pumping station.

As of today, we have been successful in gaining more funding to look at this second section (101m-200m) of pipework and complete further relining beginning next week. I am very sorry that our teams will remain in Hemingford Grey for longer than we have during our original (and indeed our second) plan, and I would like to sincerely thank you for your patience whilst we remain on site.

Next, the excavation will be closed and majority of plant cleared by tomorrow. The road closure will be still in place but reduced in size. Noise will be greatly reduced because only one pump will be on site and the lining teams equipment is electrically powered.

We have let the nearby customers know, including the shop, and we really appreciate the residents being so patient with us on this work. During normal operation we would have plenty of notice to be able to share any works we are completing, but because this job originated from emergency works we have used this opportunity to move forward more quickly.

Rose Shisler

Stakeholder Engagement Programme Lead
Telephone: 07976 819852


Posted: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 17:04 by Kim Loader

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