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High Street Sewer Repairs & London Road Development Latest Update 11/02/22

High Street Sewer Repairs & London Road Development Latest Update 11/02/22

The Parish Council has received the latest updates from Anglian Water regarding both the High Street sewer repairs and the London Road Development, as follows:

High Street Sewer Repairs Operational Update:

Work has been proceeding well on site, with the sewer relining all going smoothly. This may not come as a complete surprise, but we have decided to complete the relining of the whole sewer on the High St in Hemingford Grey. This means that we will be shutting down the road closure tomorrow (Saturday) but will remain on site working under traffic lights to reline the final section towards the school.

What this means is that when this work concludes next week, we will have relined 450m of sewers on Hemingford Grey High St. This is essentially the same as having a new sewer (but without the whole road having to be excavated). This will mean that the risk of infiltration is reduced and all the other great stuff I've been sharing in my email updates.

I would like to again sincerely thank you for your patience and that of residents whilst this work has been on-going.

London Road Development:

I have confirmed that the foul water will flow from the new development to Godmanchester Water Recycling Centre via Hemingford Grey. The route of this flow has not yet been agreed.

We are still in discussions about the surface water discharge, as you may know, this flow volume will be much more than any foul water flow.

In 2018 the applicant submitted a pre planning enquiry with us and asked for a connection to our sewer for surface warer. We said that they should look at other means of surface water disposal and did not agree to a surface water connection. Their pre planning enquiry is out of date now.

The case officer recommended both foul and surface water conditions. The minutes of the planning committee have not yet been published so we do not have sight of the planning committee's decision.

In summary, due to lack of information regarding a foul drainage strategy we requested a foul condition be applied if permission is granted. This will ensure the developer works with us on a suitable strategy.

We are not satisfied that the applicant has exhausted all options for surface water disposal. A connection to the foul network for surface water is a last resort and we have therefore recommended a planning condition be applied if permission is granted. The LLFA have also noted that our agreement hasn't been sought by the applicant and they have advised that discussions need to take place with us and evidence provided that we accept a connection for surface water disposal.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rose Shisler

Stakeholder Engagement Programme Lead
Telephone: 07976 819852

Robin Waters, Vice-Chair of the Parish Council, is continuing to liaise with Anglian Water and will pass on any further updates as they become available.

Posted: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 12:58 by Kim Loader

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