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Riparian Guidance Survey

Riparian Guidance Survey

As part of its Community Flood Action Programme, Cambridgeshire County Council is updating its riparian guidance document to make it more useful for those living next to a watercourse.

As this document is aimed at residents and landowners, the Council wishes to seek your views and get a better understanding of people's awareness of riparian issues.

The Council has therefore prepared a short survey (5 questions) and would be grateful if you could complete this and share it with others, including friends, residents, landowners, by social media, word of mouth or on other websites/publications.

A link to the survey is here: https://forms.office.com/r/5HQbNqGtba

The County Council plans to keep the survey open until 30th September but can extend the time if necessary.

In addition, they would be grateful for any photos communities may have of watercourses, to include in the guidance document. If anyone would like to submit photos, please email them to CFAP@cambridgeshire.gov.uk, and include the name they would like them to be credited to.

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Posted: Fri, 03 Sep 2021 10:42 by Kim Loader

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