Hemingford Grey Parish Council

Proud to serve the people of Hemingford Grey

Village Sign

Clerk: Gail Stoehr
30 West Drive, Highfields
Caldecote, Cambridge CB23 7NY

High Street now OPEN to traffic.

High Street now OPEN to traffic.

The High Street is now fully reopen to traffic.

Thanks to CCC Highways for filing what was apparently quite a large void under the middle of the road. There was no obvious immediate cause for the void - there were no exposed pipes in the hole or any surface or sewage water.

However the opportunity was taken to jet the surface water drain past the site and the connections to the road gullies - especially the one that is always flooded opposite the shop. Only the next rainstorm will tell us whether that has worked but they did confirm that the flow in the surface water drain is FROM the shop to the village sign (which is where the village pond was).

Posted: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 19:40 by Kim Loader

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