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Pennywort Awareness Iniative

Pennywort Awareness Iniative

Collaboration encourages everyone to play a role in caring for local rivers.
A new volunteer project has been established to track and control Floating Pennywort, an invasive non-native species that seriously damages freshwater habitats.

Thought to have escaped from ornamental garden ponds, Floating Pennywort can grow up to 20cm per day, forming large thick rafts in the slower sections of rivers and canals. These rafts have many negative impacts on waterways, including increasing flood risk, limiting access for anglers and boats, and decreasing the health of freshwater habitats, causing a decline in biodiversity.

Residents and river users who want to find out more about Floating Pennywort and how to be active in helping to protect beautiful local rivers, are welcome to join our free webinar which will include experts from Lincs Rivers Trust, Cam Valley Forum and the Environment Agency. Tuesday 25th May at 19.00.

For more information click on the PDF link below.

Posted: Sat, 22 May 2021 10:35 by Kim Loader

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