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Thorpe Pumping Station Update

Thorpe Pumping Station Update

The blocked suction pipe was cleared on Friday 22nd Jan and the tankers were stood down on that date although further visits may be necessary.

The maintenance team have also upgraded the impellers on the pump to be able to give the station a better flow rate. We are still experiencing a high flow into site from the other inline pumping stations on the network due to the levels of surface water in the area and so you may see an occasional visit from the maintenance team to check that the readings we are receiving are correct until the flows begin to reduce.

A new impeller for the Mill Lane pumping station has also been ordered and will help to improve the flow.

We are sending out one of our contractors to repair grass verges that were reported as damaged by tankers during the recent visits.

Anglian Water Huntingdon Maintenance Team

Posted: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 19:04 by Kim Loader

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