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Work of Hemingford Hub Volunteers Recognised in Latest Update

Work of Hemingford Hub Volunteers Recognised in Latest Update

Hemingford Hub's key volunteers have stepped up.

The Hemingford Hub has more than 140 volunteers helping in excess of 260 residents across the villages of Hemingford Grey and Hemingford Abbots.

The hub would like to recognise three very active volunteers for their dedication:

Camille Altman (or Cammy), collects and delivers prescriptions. She has been shopping for nine households and picking up over 150 prescriptions for more than 70 people. Many of the elderly appreciate seeing a regular friendly face and are happy to open the door when she calls.

Cammy said: "I love the way the community has pulled together to help and support each other,
giving back to the generation that made our lovely village what it is today. I hope we will keep the
community spirit alive after this."

Liz Freitas and Denise Felstead have been delivering the papers. Working seven days a week, Liz
delivers 147 papers a week, and Denise delivers 85. Together with shopping for others and helping
out with medicines, their dedication is endless.

Liz enjoys making sure the people on her paper rounds are okay. She said: "They have all been so
grateful and friendly, it's been a pleasure to help them out. I'm hoping the world doesn't go back to
'normal' and people stay a little more caring."

Denise always chats to people on her round and keeps a watchful eye in case things don't look right.
She said: "The people I look after show their appreciation in lots of lovely ways. I've had an email
from one gentleman's daughter thanking me for looking after him. I've made new friends in the
village, which feels good. When a form of normality returns, I will miss the people on my round."

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Posted: Sun, 07 Jun 2020 09:09 by Kim Loader

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