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New Lights for Old!

New Lights for Old!

Apologies for short notice but we were only informed on Wednesday that from Thursday 8th August K&M will begin fulfilling our order to erect new street light columns to replace the 1960s aluminium columns that we can no longer maintain and many of which are damaged. There are 23 of these and they have to be erected by K&M and then connected to the mains by UK Power Networks. The latter are very difficult to pin down so in some cases there may be several days, or even weeks, between the columns going up and the connection being made at which point the old columns will be removed. Work started today in Burlington Way, Gunnings Way, High Street and the Apple Orchard. The following note will be delivered to each house(s) immediately adjacent to the lights:

Dear Resident,

Your Parish Council owns about half of the 200 plus street lights in the parish and is in the process of upgrading these where necessary. The column near your house is currently over 50 years old and has a lantern that can no longer be repaired or replaced.

We have therefore contracted K&M Lighting Services to replace the column this year. This work is now starting and a modern steel column with an integrated LED lantern will be installed. The process also involves UK Power Networks who own the electrical cables in this county and who alone are authorised to make new connections.

There may be a delay of several days after the new lamp is installed before connection to the mains when the old lamp will be removed. This process will be completed as quickly as possible and should not cause any significant disturbance to residents or highway users.

If there are garden plants or hedging growing around the existing column our contractor will try to make contact but if you have any concerns please contact our parish clerk's office on 01954 210 241 or K&M on 01480 395806.

Gail Stoehr
Hemingford Grey Parish Clerk

Posted: Fri, 09 Aug 2019 11:29 by Kim Loader

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