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Help Change Google Maps

Help Change Google Maps

One of the reasons that we still have problems with vehicles of all sizes using Braggs Lane and the High Street is because Google Maps (and probably other Sat Navs) still show this as the 'through route' (shown on Google Map example here). If you ask Google Maps for a route from, say, the Pavilion to St Ives - or vice versa - you will be directed along Braggs Lane and the High Street and not along Pound Road and Glebe Road as signed by Highways, used by buses, and gritted by CCC.

Despite repeated attempts to get Google to change this using their 'feedback' facility (see bottom right of Google Maps screen) they have so far not responded. If many people were do the same we might just get them to change it! Please note that the proper through route is known to the CCC as C121 which now appears correctly on some maps on their own web site.

Posted: Fri, 30 Nov 2018 10:11 by Kim Loader

Tags: News, Highways