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Speed Warning Sign in Hemingford Road

Speed Warning Sign in Hemingford Road

The PC have invested in a solar powered speed warning sign that is currently monitoring speeds of vehicles travelling out of the village outside Geaves Farm. It should display the speed and a 'SLOW DOWN' warning if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit. It also records the speed of each vehicle and stores the data for a periodic download. It does NOT read or record number plates!!

The sign can be moved onto other lamp posts every few weeks enabling us to monitor different roads in the parish and produce useful data to inform CCC Highways, the police and Speedwatch of likely locations for further speed reducing measures if justified. Please let us know of any locations (with lamp posts!) where regular speeding is suspected. The data will be published on this site and in the parish newsletter.

We are aware of comments about the visibility and timing of the display and will try to improve these.

Posted: Sat, 21 Jul 2018 11:32 by Kim Loader

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