Hemingford Grey Parish Council

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Clerk: Gail Stoehr
30 West Drive, Highfields
Caldecote, Cambridge CB23 7NY

How do you see the village in 10 or 20 years? Can we rely on HDC and individual land owners to get it right or do we want to have some democratic control?

A Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is subject to a parish referendum and gives a parish more control over planning decisions within its boundaries. HGPC is exploring the potential costs and benefits of promoting such a plan.

In November the PC agreed to consult with HDC on the NP process including the necessity for a housing needs survey and how the NP might fit with the emerging Local Plan. What is already quite clear is that the PC cannot produce a Neighbourhood Plan without the help of many other parish residents and organisations.

If YOU think that we need such a plan then we hope that YOU will come forward to help. The NP needs a vision of where any development might take place, what community facilities will be needed (e.g. new cemetery, playing fields, etc) and what specific features of our existing environment should be preserved. However, it will take at least two years; it will take a lot of time and effort; and it will have to be compatible with HDC's Local Plan.

The NP would concentrate entirely on planning aspects and would be integrated with the Local Plan and have equal weight in any planning decisions.

Please come and talk to us at the village markets on 9th December or 13th January.